Saturday, 24 November 2012


Hello lovely people, we are back in business again! We have new creations up today! :) 

#1 - Pearly Ribbon 

These pretty little thing only cost RM 5 each. Total STEAL!

#2 - Ribbon Rubbie 
This is almost the same as our Ribbon Clippie from the previous post but instead of using alligator clips, it is rubber bands. Quality rubber bands assured.

 This comes in various designs and colours. 
Pictures are a few samples. 

From left to right : Double Tier Maroon  , Simple Hot Red and Triple Tier Purple and Black . 

From left to right : Simple Maroon , Simple Elegant Black , Double Tier Butterfly Blue and Light Blue. 

Just let us know which colour/design you would like. If you want it on alligator clips, 
YES it still can be done :) 

PRICE : RM 6 each ,
2 for RM 10 

#3 - Leopard Scrunchie

Only RM 5 each! 

# 4 - Lace Ribbon

Pretty pretty lace with ribbons. It is a rubber band. :) 

From left to right : Pink lace black base and Black lace red base.

1 for RM 6 
2 for RM 10 

This can again come in different colours, so do ask us if you would like another colour :) 

# 5 - Cute Ribbon Clips 
 This is totally cute and going out at a very cute and pretty price too. 

Model with the White and Pink Polka Dot clip. :) 

 Quality assured. 

We have two designs in various colours. Check them out below! 

Checkered Design 
Doesn't it look like cute little bow ties? Haha. 
From left to right : Dark Blue , White , Black , Grey , Dark Red. 

Polka Dots Design
This is absolutely cute.
From left to right : White, Orange, Light Pink, Mustard Yellow and Blue. 

RM 5 each 
2 for RM 8 !

That's all for our update today. Hope you love the new items.


Hello lovelies, we will be updating tonight (24/11/2012) at 11pm. Check us out! :)

Here's a little sneak peak.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Hello hello! This is our first update that you have been waiting for. As stated in the sneak peak post, yes, we are selling really cute DISNEY hair accessories. It can be on hairband or alligator clip, it's your choice! We're sure that girls will love this especially young kids.


 It is all handmade out of ribbons. We have a few characters which are Rapunzel, Snow White, Tinker Bell, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Merida and Alice.

1 - Rapunzel from Tangled
2 - Merida from Brave
3 - Cinderella
4 - Belle from Beauty and the Beast

5 - Snow White
6 - Arial from Little Mermaid
7 - Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
8 - Tinker Bell from Peter Pan
9 - Alice 

Rapunzel on alligator clip. 

Aurora on Hairband. 

These pretty princess accessories can be on hairband or alligator clip, the choice is yours! If you happen to have any other Disney character you would like to custom make, just drop us an e-mail. Price may be slightly different. 

1 for RM 12 

Simple, sweet and cute ribbon on alligator clips. 

 1 - Double Ribbon (Red and White)
2 - 3 Tier Ribbon (Dark Brown, Cream and Yellow)
3 - Simple Ribbon (Christmas themed)
4 - Double Ribbon (Dark Brown and Yellow)
5 - Double Ribbon (Maroon) 
Strong and quality alligator clips are used. 
Available in different colours. Just let us know which colour and what design you like. :) 
( The colours will be updated tomorrow. Sorry for the delay! )

1 for RM 4
2 for RM 6


1- Black and White 
2 - Olive Green
3 - Brown
4 - Blue 
5 - Purple
6 - Maroon 

1 for RM 3
2 for RM 5

Handmade ribbons on banana clips. Looks really cute and fabulous. 
 1 - Brown and Cream
2 - Black and Pink
3 - Blue and Pink
4 - Dark and Light Blue
5 - Pink and Yellow 

If you would like your Ribbon Banana to be in other colours, do drop us an e-mail. We can get it done for you! :) 

1 for RM 6
2 for RM 10

Thank you for reading and do support us. You may send in the order form by clicking the Order Form page above or you may drop us an e-mail at for any enquiries. Have a great day guys! :) 

Friday, 28 September 2012

Yellow Mellow

Hello, we will be updating our first official post on

2nd October 2012 (Tuesday) at 4pm.


A sneak preview of what we will be selling.

Disney Hairbands!